Costco Outfits

Watch out Vogue, Prada, and Dior because COSTCO is coming for you! Well, Costco might not be seen running down the runway anytime soon, but searching through Costco clothing might become your new fashion stop for casual wear.

The only type of clothing necessities I’ve bought from Costco is thermal wear to keep warm during those cold fall/winter days, slippers, socks, underwear, pajamas, and running shoes. Now Costco is bringing out some simple yet cute clothing pieces worth adding to your wardrobe!  Here are the two that really stood out to me:

Striped Vintage X America top priced at $6

The layer underneath the sleeves has grey lining so when you roll up your sleeves the grey shows!

I really hope this isn’t actually a pajama top. It’s so comfortable and I’m glad I spotted it in someone’s shopping cart so I could go grab one. A stripped slightly loose long sleeve is a definite basic necessity! It’ll look so cute paired under overalls, tucked into skirts, and jeans!

Collared Top in navy by Nicole Miller priced at $12

Okay I admit… I was too lazy to iron this top and to do my nails

Do you see the Italian feel to this top? I do and it’s the reason why I had to have it! One day I hope to actually get to roam the streets of Italy

I went for a medium so it can have a loose fitting look to it. It’s 100 percent linen! 

What do you think of the clothing pieces I picked up? Do you like Costco? Do you think you’ll want to look around Costco clothes the next time you shop there? Anyway… bbyyyyeeee! See you later! Check me out on Instagram:

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4 thoughts on “Costco Outfits

  1. Great outfits! I love going to Costco but I never really look around the clothes section, might have to have a browse next time 😊 The first outfit is my favourite, it looks super comfy, no one will be able to tell if it is actually a pj top or not under the overalls anyway haha. 😊

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