My Art Journey

Guess what! I created some new artworks to show you 🙂 I’ve struggled for so long to find my art style, but now I’m getting closer to finding what I want my art to be and how I want it to look.

Here’s a funny story: When I was in second grade I was the student of the month where I had to write what I wanted to be when I grew up. That didn’t make sense to me because I didn’t think I would ever actually grow up! Jokes on me huh? Anyway, I was worried about what to do about this dilemma so I asked the teacher ” What do I do if I’m never growing up?”………

15 years later I’m a 22 year old with a wide imagination of a 7 year old.

Okay my art pieces so far haven’t shown much of my “wide imagination” I mentioned. I still struggle with proportions and facial features and sometimes I just don’t know how to do certain things I want to see and worry that it might not look right. It’s something that will go away after practicing more and more.

Lately I’ve been thinking how one day I’m going to have to leave home to have my career and travel to places I desperately want to see. I’m going to have to grow up, but slowly the little girl in me is fading away as I start to think more about the future and worry about having a good career. I’m trying so hard to hold onto my childishness and keep on seeing the world the way I see it now; imagining things as more than what they are.

I actually need to find a balance rather than letting go of this side of me. For now, my drawings might go through a blue phase as I go through this battle. Not like Picasso though! In my own way that I’m going to leave up to you to interpret 🙂

By the way I really wanted the black colored pencil to mix with my blue color but it was really difficult. It could be the brand I’m using or just me!

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I do and stay along for my art journey. I have a long way to go and still have so much to learn! The easiest way to follow my art is on my art Instagram! My Art Instagram: @karidoesart

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 See you next time, bbbyyyyeeeeeee!

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