Another Sunny Day in California

Hang up your coats, put away those jeans, and bring out the summer dresses and sandals because the summer weather is staying all year long in Irvine California.  I’m  sad about the summer not going away I have a sweater dress I bought from Free People I desperately want to wear, but my sadness isn’t what we’re here for. OKAY! The Irvine Spectrum

After driving through mountains covered with endless DRY bush we finally arrived!

I know… what’s so special about ANOTHER mall? THE CUBAN RESTAURANT! We HAVE to  eat at  Habana.


Believe me the weather is perfect these days. No wind blowing away napkins. No sweat running down your back.  No humidity.  With that said, let’s sit outside and enjoy the Cuban style backyard.…FOOD! Get bags of free endless bags of chips!

I recommend the fancy Ceviche in a coconut and the plantain crusted chicken sandwich.

Luckily there’s a mall one step away to walk off all the food we ate. 

There’s 156 stores to go into, but  I only make an effort to walk towards two stores


That’s right Miniso and Nordstrom! There’s also a Hello Kitty Cafe but I really don’t recommend it. It’s only fun to take a look and grab something to drink and eat somewhere else like The Coffee Bean and Leaf or the Habana…


Heck there’s even a ferris wheel that stays everyday and an ice skating rink that comes around in November until January.


Ha ha.. ever wanted to ice skate in shorts and a tank top?

Here are some more memories of me wishing you were actually here to enjoy the day together. Oh yes I tamed some tigers and turned them into stone

Aaahhhh another day of happy memories to cherish forever

See you on our next adventure, bbyyyeeeeeee!

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