My Makeup Routine

I am sorry for traumatizing all the makeup professionals and semi-professionals out there because today I am showing my makeup rrrouutttiinnee! I have done this before but the things I get into and out of change often. (Warning: eyebrows are in desperate need of cleaning.)

Everyday I make sure to start off by putting sunscreen on my face.

I do not recommend this sunscreen. I love the Hawaiian Tropic face sunscreen way better!

After sunscreen I move onto curling my eyelashes and then applying my eyeliner. If you struggle with eyeliner I figured out that the easiest way for me is to draw an outline of the wing and then filling it in as if I’m coloring a coloring book. See!

Eyeliner used: Double end thick and thin liquid eyeliner from Miniso

Maybe one of these days I’ll be ready for more of a dramatic look. Until that day, I will make my eyeliner follow my eye shape adding a small winged end.

Now my cheeks… I love how rosy cheeks look; if you have natural rosy blush cheeks lucky lucky you! This is the part that could make you shiver; I use my fingers to brush on my blush! I just find it so much easier to blend it into my skin. Anyway, I apply my blush starting here:

While smiling, I  circle around the ball point of my cheekbone,  and try to blend it into my skin that way I do not have an obvious streak of blush showing where I stopped applying my blush.

Blush used: Too Faced Natural face palette. Color used: Pink Wink

Glitter has been my latest obsession. If I could, I would be a walking disco ball because of the amount of glitter I want to cover my body in. I want to cry because of how happy I am to have found the perfect glitter for my face called Glitter Shot by Smith and Cult in the color Violet.

ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL? You are  the special person who gets to see me using it for the very first time. I would apply it every single time I would walk into Ulta. With this I apply it as if I would use highlighter which is above my cheekbone.

Okay finally… lips! Ha ha nothing much to see here I pick a lipstick and put it on my lips except I put a dot of the lipstick I decide to wear and spread it out with …. my finger. That way it looks more like a lip stain.

Lipstick used: Stay all day liquid lipstick by Stila. Color: Palermo



I am still not ready to make the big transition into foundation, concealer, and all the fancy make up. Mostly because I am really lazy and do not want to deal with it, but the little bit of makeup makes me look less pale and still look young similar to the effect of Korean make-up looks.

Remember, take a break from heavy makeup every once in a while and show off your beautiful natural skin!

See you next time, bbbyyyeeeee!


2 thoughts on “My Makeup Routine

  1. Look at that cat! What’s their name? That’s my expression when people think foundation is fancy. Cos I just throw it on to cover everything. But maybe I’m doing it wrong 😅

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