New Year, New Hair?!

I knew the day would come again. The day my natural black hair would come out to haunt me again! Everyday it lingered at the roots of my hair making me suffer a mini black hat it created around my hair. Not even a cute butterfly clip could hide how badly I needed a hair upgrade.

SOOOOO I decided to color my hair!

Does anyone else think the hair dye looks like fish eggs?

At Sally’s, I bought The colorcharm hair dye from Wella in the color Nutmeg. Along with it, I bought a 20 volume bottle of developer. I mixed the whole bottle of developer with the tube of hair dye. I decided to be reckless and trusted the Sally’s employees recommendation….

Behold the transformation! It might look like I only colored my roots because of my “wonderful” picture taking skills. BUT I did my whole hair!

Can you see the difference? I definitely can and I feel happy that my roots aren’t creating a drastic contrast against the dulled out color I had.

My hair is sadly left a little damaged with dryness at the ends. Luckily I have some hair masks that should help…. a little bit. At least I can do what I can until I get a haircut!

Well! Another day and another blog post complete! My ideas might not be the best, but I love sharing my thoughts with you. You probably see me reading and liking your blog posts! Which is another part of blogging I enjoy. Anyway, cheers to another year of blogging and thanks for being here with me 🙂


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