University here I come!

It’s been a loonnggggg journey to get to this point but I’m finally transferring from community college to university this fall!!! WOOHOO!

The long journey

Ugh! University in the USA SUCKS. 20 year old me was excited to get out of my empty town filled with nothing but sand. At that time, I got accepted into four Cal State Universities after spending two years in community college. Sadly,  I didn’t receive good financial aid packages so I would have taken  way too many loans. Plus, I wasn’t positive about my major choice. Long story short, I denied those universities.

After spending another year at community college, I  applied to private schools and I got accepted into Kansas City Art Institute as an animation major and at Loyola Marymount as a communication design major. I sadly had to deny both of them as well because I would have been over $70,000 of debt and I’m not exaggerating. 

Sooo here I am still at community college waiting to FINALLY attend my local university as a graphic design major. Hopefully, I won’t have to take too many loans.   I will also be commuting and I’m sure it’s the cheapest option. I hope.

What I learned

My opinion: Don’t go to university If you decide on going in as an “undeclared” major. If you don’t know what to study go to community college and take random courses. It’ll save you money and help you decide if school is for you. Just party later!

At community college, you can get your general education courses finished so once you get to university you can focus on your major and get out of there quicker which means less money spent. I recommend splitting your schedule with some courses you enjoy because when the time comes to transfer you will feel confident in your decision unlike me. I filled my schedule with general ed courses to get out of community college as fast as possible but I didn’t focus on courses that would help me decide what I wanted to do.


I don’t care what career I end up going into I just hope I’m happy in the future living my little European heart out somewhere in Europe.

Cheers to my debt… see you next time bbyyee!

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