A day in Upland California

Take a walk with me through historic downtown Upland! Why waste the warm 80 degree weather and clear sky by staying indoors?!


It was the perfect movie scene as I ate in the outdoor seating of this Italian restaurant called  Allegro.

No bugs were buzzing around for food, my napkins weren’t flying all over the place, and I was with my mom! If only the food was as good as it looked, sigh. I decided to order the Bolognese spaghetti

Of course the restaurants are only part of what Historic Upland has to offer. There is also  a vinyl shop , antique/novelty shops , modern coffee shops,  and bars!

The only other historical town I have been to was Old Town San Diego. It is filled with too many families and not enough people my age. That is how I was expecting Historical Downtown Upland to be, but I was wrong. To my surprise, there were a mixture of  young adults and older adults! I’m sure the hipster coffee shops and vinyl  shops help to bring in that mixed crowd.  I wasn’t surprised to see more empty shops than many open shops though.

There are also events held here for example, this Irish festival!

I also saw signs for a free punk flea market which will be held on February 16th from 10 AM through 5 PM. Along with a farmers market held every Saturday!

I’m so happy to have this visit as a new memory. It’s worth stopping by one day when you want to take a walk and take a break away from technology. Maybe plan a visit on a Saturday morning to check out the farmer’s market and walk down to a restaurant.

After a day of walking under the warm sun, I’m left ready to head home and take a nap!

See you next time! bbbbyyyyeee!

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