An Italy Impasta in LA?!

Italians are Everywhere!  At least that’s what this shirt says

Have you been to Westfield mall in Century City LA? I went for the first time yesterday because of Eataly! The funny thing is that my mom and I  decided not to eat there, sssoooooooo we had coffee instead! It’s two floors.  The first floor has gelato and a coffee spot. I sadly didn’t get photos of it, but  we walked up the stairs to have a cappuchino and macchiato latte at Caffe Vergnano

                                                  My mom’s macchiato  latte

It was delicious! Definitely better than  Starbuck’s  half filled cups of burnt coffee bean coffee and sugary drinks.

Now that our coffee cups are empty, let’s ROME around. Maybe stop by one of it’s three restaurants IL PESCE CUCINA (Seafood), Terra (Wood burning Italian grill) , or La pizza & La Pasta all within a 20 second walking distance. 20 seconds because of all the people you have to get past. Maybe walk through the market to pick up some pasta and other Italian ingredients.


There are even some free samples! For example, these cream puffs! We were able to decide between Apricot filling or creme.

If you live in LA or near LA, I recommend stopping by one day to check out Eataly. Even if you’re visiting from out of the country and out of the state! You get to experience the best part of LA which is the immersion of different cultures.

Where will our next adventure lead us to? ITALY AND PARIS IN SUMMER! Until then, see you later on my next post 🙂

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