What I’ve been up to

HELLO! Anyone there?! I’m probably the laziest person on this earth and this blog post is proof sadly.

I hope this silly post can bring a smile to your face today! If you’ve been keeping up with the news, the COVID-19 definitely isn’t “fake news.” thousands of people have lost their lives. People are loosing their jobs and some aren’t able to stay safe at home. I hope everything heals soon. For now all we can do is hope together and help each other by listening to the safety precautions.

At 9:00 AM everyday I get out of bed to get ready for my very busy day. I wait until 5:00 or 6:00 PM to do any homework because I know I’ll be working on it all day if I start in the morning. Which takes us into my first point!


I haven’t done anything this week for my class because teaching is put on hold until the 30th of March so professors can prepare to transfer online. As a result, I haven’t been studying. On the days I have been studying, my brain needs a long break. It’s a c++ programming course so the assignments take me millions of years to finish. It’s soooooo cool and fun to learn about though! I really wish I could focus on having fun but grades always get in the way of that. Are there any programmers out there reading this?

DrAwInG pReTtY pIcTuReS

Draw draw draw draw! Did I tell you that I’m going digital with my art?

I also made this gif! The quality might be bad.

I’m not sure if this GIF will work for you. Let me know!

I noticed that my style is different with each digital painting. I’ve been studying so many artists. A few are: Koji Yamamura (animator), Yuko Higuchi, and Josef Witzel. With each new artist, I find a different technique and style to try! Mixed with my own style of course.

TaKiNg A wAlk dOWn InTo mY BacKyaRd

I sit in front of technology for waaaayyyyy tooooo long, so I go for walks in my backyard


I don’t do anything extreme! Here are the two videos I found on Youtube.

This is the one I warm up with

5-Minute Warm Up for At-Home Workouts by Nicole Pearce

This one is the actual workout. I chose a fun one that uses Kill this love by the Korean girl band Black Pink

BLACKPINK – ‘Kill This Love’ CARDIO WORKOUT For Full Body Fat Burn  by Emi Wong.

RaNdoM aCtIvItIes

I watch You tube videos, play with my cat, and try out some makeup looks.

The Skin Love by Becca foundation felt amazing on my face! Have you tried it?

These are definitely good points to write down on my resume. What are some things you’ve been doing at home?

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and stay home. See you later!

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