Let’s go out!

I’m wearing my usual makeup. Pink blush and eyeliner! I didn’t feel like applying eye shadow today.

I got all dressed up for this occasion because any day with you is special. Have some coffee, grab a bag of chips or an apple, sit back, and come along with me on a virtual adventure!

This is the outfit I decided to wear. I tailored this dress to be shorter! I wore a turtleneck to keep warm out in the chilly weather, but I ended up sweating.

I love these shoes from Costco. My favorite part about them are the lines of colors. They’re perfect for my graphic design courses.
The view heading beyond my backyard gate. What will we find?!
Mountains in the distance with clouds in the shape of fire as a metaphor for Trump trashing America.
Look! It’s a nice back drop for a barn related photo! When will I ever want a barn related photo? Maybe I can paint it pink so I can have my own pink wall!

There are so many tall weeds that I can hide you in them and pretend I’m a giant stomping through a jungle.

There is even wildlife!

There are also many many flowers growing at the tip of weeds. My grandpa is getting rid of all of them so I have to be happy having them while they’re here. It gets so boring seeing brown dull dry sand. I just want some green around me!

This is an old dried out cactus! It has mold growing all over it so I think it’s best to stay away from it. I remember going out with my grandma to try to cut a piece to eat many many years ago.

I hope you had some fun today! Thank you for spending another day with me. See you on my next post or on Instagram!

What have you been up to during quarantine?

I know this formatting is really weird. I’m using wordpress’s new block feature, but it’s so annoying to figure out! Bbbbyyyyeeeee!

2 thoughts on “Let’s go out!

  1. omg! You can just go around your neighborhood and find some wolves? 😁 Now I would like to find a barn in my neighborhood… but i think everything’s getting torn down for big houses 😟

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