What I hope to achieve

Today I want to share with you my goals I’d like to achieve one day! Grab some coffee, tea, or a bag of chips and rreeeadddd!

Goal 1: Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and German

Learning Photoshop and Illustrator is an important part of my career. I aspire to be a graphic designer one day! I’m not really sure what category in graphic design I’m interested in yet, but I’ll figure it out once I start university in fall. I really want to try an UX/UI design course!

German as another language to speak would be amazing! It’ll be good to know if I move out there after I graduate. Especially if I want to go abroad to Germany!

I use a mixture of Duolingo, YouTube, and DW German to learn.

Have I told you that I’m starting university in fall as a transfer from community college? If you’d like to know anything about community college you can ask me! You can also tell me if you’d like me to make a post about it answering your questions. I spent 4 years floundering around until I was confident about my university choice and major.

Goal 2: Receive my bachelors degree and have a good career

I might not end up majoring in graphic design and that’s okay. As long as I put in the work to learn whatever subject I put myself through during university, I’ll be happy because my hard work can lead me to a job. I often tell myself to see courses as a fun class I’m taking on my own for example on YouTube. This is the way that helps me to focus more on learning rather than grades. It just relaxes me!

Goal 3: Go abroad to Germany during university

Going abroad during university will hopefully help me in various ways. I’ll get to explore different art styles and new designs to use in my projects. I can also see if Germany really is a country I’d like to live in after I graduate. I could also make connections that I can fall back on to move out there. It’s okay if Germany doesn’t end up being the place I go abroad to. There is always somewhere else I can go! Maybe I won’t end up going abroad because of the expense, but that’s okay I can still go after I gradate.

Goal 4: Get a job to save

I actually have a job waiting for me ( I hope) I was supposed to start in March, but COVID19 put it on hold for a while. Anyway, I want any job so I can start saving to travel to Germany or somewhere in Europe after I graduate. I also need to save to pay off all of my university expenses. Wish me luck you guys!

Goal 5: Travel

Yes, of course I’m putting traveling in my goals! I want to make sure I travel until I get tired of it!

Goal 6: Grow my blog and YouTube channel?!

It would be nice to actually have people engaging on my posts and talk to. I also started making videos for fun because maybe I can grow some invisible friends! Yes, I’m still a lonely girl with zero real life friends to party with (I’m not exaggerating). Plus, if one of these platforms or some other website can become an income for me THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. I would be able to save money in a super cool fun way while focusing on school.

Here is my YouTube channel : Link

I really need to edit my videos better. I just don’t know how! I’m thinking about seeing if I can download videos from my phone onto my laptop. Anyway, my goal is to make people smile and laugh even if it’s a little. While showing who I am of course.

In the end, I just want to be happy and in Europe. HaHA SO LONG America. I’m bored of you and Trump. BUT I’m definitely not bored of you! ! 🙂 Stay in my world for a while and see you on the next post! BBByyyyyeee!


7 thoughts on “What I hope to achieve

  1. These are all really great goals! I wish I had studied abroad while I was in school but it’s a little too late for me now. I’ve heard amazing things from friends who have though so I hope you can go! 🤞🏼 good luck on all of these 😊

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  2. Good luck on your goals and paying school costs, omg. Ah, just the sound of that is painful. Germany would be very cool to visit! My dad’s side is German, and I don’t really know the language, but every time I learn a word, it’s kinda funny. Lecker = delicious? 😆

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