A Pink Mermaid Alien Lady

I turned myself into a pink alien mermaid to wear with my masks. Why only do eye makeup looks when you can cover your whole top half of your face!

Maybe you can try your own version of this look and show it off! I’d love to see it. Even though it probably has already been a trend.

My thought process

All of my eye shadow used is from the “Take me to Brazil” eye shadow palette.

I started off by using this brush and black eye shadow.

Using the brush and black eye shadow, I created shapes that resembled fish scales. Maybe I should’ve done heart shapes!

I tried to follow the contours of my face as I drew my scales on

Then I started filling in my scales using the same brush but with this shade of pink.

To give my scales some more dimension, I went over each of them with this darker reddish brown only on the bottom half of the scales.

Finally, I added glitter! I used a cotton swab to apply it. It wasn’t the best idea with this type of glitter. Plus, I didn’t want to waste too much of my glitter so I only used a little bit spread throughout my look.

Maybe I should be a hand model. Definitely need to paint my nails.


For my eye look, I decided to cover my eyelids using the same pink eye shadow, topped them with glitter, and applied pink eyeliner.


For my lips, I used two different liquid lipsticks. The first one I applied all over my lip and the second one I tried to use as a lip liner. It’s a bit of a mess……….

The Result

Here’s how it ended up looking!


If you have bangs, you can leave your forehead as a surprise!

It looks way too creepy with a mask on. I actually went to the store looking like this! I noticed only a few stares. Remember be confident in yourself and don’t care what others think about you!

Weeeellllll, I hope you enjoyed this fun post! See you next time bbbbyyyyeeeeeee!


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