This can save you from smelling

I know… this isn’t interesting, BUT I HAD A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE I NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT. After a day out sweating under 90 degree weather, I smelled my underarms and I realized they smelled like the poop my cat leaves in her litter box. I’m exaggerating! My underarms actually smell like rosemary when I sweat.

I didn’t last very long smelling this way because….. I found a deodorant that immediately covered my horrible underarm smell! I was SHOCKED at how well it worked. I didn’t apply any deodorant the morning I went out for the day, so it went directly onto my smelly pits.

Any one else a lonely cat lady whose most interesting part of their day is finding the perfect match with deodorant?

Be careful! This deodorant leaves some white powder and can get onto your underarm area of your shirt. The scent is sweet but it’s a relaxing sweet! It reminds me of the leftover laundry detergent scent on clean clothes.

I found mine at Target! If you can’t see the name of the deodorant, it’s called “Secret Clinical Strength Light and Fresh Smooth Solid” in Light and Fresh.

There isn’t much to say about deodorant! If you’ve been searching for a deodorant that covers the retched smell of your pits like mine, you should try this!

Let me know if you decide to give this a try! I’d love to know your opinion.

What kind of blog posts do you like to read? Do you like them to be short or do you like lengthy chatty ones? Today’s wasn’t long at all, but I like to be short and to the point every once in a while!

Thanks for stopping by! See you later! Bbbyyyyeeeee!

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