Things to do at Home

Hellloooooo! I hope my new video could make you smile or laugh a little.

A quick word of Inspiration. Sort of .

If you’re thinking about starting any hobby, START IT! It took me years to finally have the courage to create videos. I worried about lacking good camera quality, a good microphone, a video editor, and being too shy to video tape myself. I ended up using my IPhone and the microphone on my headphones. I discovered IMovie and it turned out to be a simple video editing program! I definitely recommend it until you can upgrade (if you ever want to). It’s already installed in your iPhone! Although I don’t have the best quality, I’m having fun! You can also become a better speaker as you create more videos. Just remember, YOU have to love what you create before you post. You have to be your own biggest fan!

Anyway, I hope you’re staying safe, wearing a mask, and not going out tooooo much! There’s still a pandemic going on! It isn’t leaving the USA anytime soon.

What country are you from? Byyyyeeeeeeeee!

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